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Training Tools:

Sample Task Analysis (PDF)

Task Analysis Procedures (PDF)

Formative Evaluation Procedures (PDF)

Formative Evaluation Levels (PDF)

Performance Consulting Tools:

Proactive Consulting: Getting the Meeting (YouTube)

Proactive Consulting: Incorrect Example (YouTube)

Proactive Consulting: Conducting the Meeting (YouTube)

Reactive Consulting: Conducting the Meeting (YouTube)

Reactive Consulting: Incorrect Example 1 (YouTube)

Reactive Consulting: Incorrect Example 2 (YouTube)

Reactive Consulting: Incorrect Example 3 (YouTube)

Proactive Consulting Starter Questions (PDF)

Proactive Consulting Principles (PDF)

Reactive Consulting Principles (PDF)

Gaps Map Video 1 (YouTube)

Gaps Map Video 2 (YouTube)

Gaps Map Video 3 (YouTube)

Gaps Map Video 4 (YouTube)


ISPI Charlotte Chapter Start Up Story (PDF)

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