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Posted: February 6

Performance Partnering at Training 2013 Conference & Expo

It’s time to go back to one of my favorite training conferences, Training 2013 Conference & Expo, in Orlando Florida. If you haven’t registered or just want to see what it is all about, go to www.trainingconference.com . I will be presenting a Hands-On Clinic on Performance Partnering: Proactive and Reactive Performance Consulting, February 20th, 12:15 to 3:15 PM.

During the session I will present my eight principles for Proactive client meetings, which includes the skills required to develop a consultative relationship with key clients and leaders in the organization.  I will also present the eight principles for Reactive client meetings, which focuses on how to reframe a client request in a way that will yield better results for both you and the client. These principles will be supported by videos to demonstrate how to use them and then I will let the audience take over with live role plays. The interactions during the live role plays are always a surprise and a learning experience for everyone, so be sure and stop by to see what happens. See for yourself how well the principles work on the first try after very little instruction.  Hear feedback from your colleagues.  Then, imagine how well they can work once you have had a chance to practice them for a while.

These are the same principles that the Instructional Designers and Performance Consultants of Handshaw, Inc. use when working with our clients to manage relationships, improve processes and/or develop learning solutions for our clients.

If you are attending Training 2013 and looking to improve how you and/or your department engage with clients, stop by my session.  Pick up some new tactics and engage in interactive learning.  I invite you to take a sneak peek of the role play demonstrations by clicking here or the Resources link on the Home page.

If you would just like to know more about Performance Partnering and how it can change your business, take a look at the workshop description on this site or send me an email.  I’ll be happy discuss it with you in detail. 

Looking forward to Training 2013!

p.s. If you need some new reading material on Performance Partnering, click here for my recently published article in Training Magazine.  Thanks!

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