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Posted: June 10

Workshop Overview:

This five-day workshop builds skills in the ROI Methodology developed by industry leader Jack Phillips. Participants experience application of the ROI Process model. This includes developing application and impact objectives, collecting various types of hard and soft data, isolating the effects of HR Programs, converting data to monetary values, tabulating appropriate program costs and calculating the ROI. Participants quickly see the advantage of the process as six types of data are collected and analyzed. This data represents both qualitative and quantitative data, developed from a variety of sources.

Workshop Attendees Learn How To:

• Present a briefing on the ROI Methodology

• Link HR program objectives to business results

• Describe at least three ways to collect data, isolate the effects of a

program, and convert data to monetary values

• Identify all costs of an HR program

• Calculate ROI, given benefits and costs of the program

• Identify intangible measures

• Explain the 12 guiding principles for ROI use

• Conduct and complete an ROI study for their organization

• Articulate the value of using ROI Materials 


Attendees will receive a variety of books, as well as a detailed participant workbook complete with exercises and exhibits. They will also receive an ROI process model and calculator.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is for participants who are responsible for measuring the impact of Human Resources. Individuals such as: HR Executives, HR Specialists, HR Managers, Talent Managers, Compensation Managers, Recruiting Specialists, Organizational Development Managers, Change Management Consultants, Learning and Development Managers, and Performance Consultants.

No mathematical background is required.

Topics of Interest Include:

• Recruiting projects

• Training and learning systems

• On-the-job training

• Career and management development

• Leadership/coaching

• Compensation/benefits

• Diversity and compliance

• Wellness and fitness

• Employee benefits

• Talent management

• Performance management

• Employee engagement

• Safety and health

• Risk management

Go to www.roiinstitute.net to learn more.

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Posted: April 29

ASTD International Conference & Expo 2014/Book Signings

I am presenting a 90 minute session on Monday, May 5th at 1:00 pm that features my new book, “Training That Delivers Results: Instructional Design That Aligns with Business Goals.” Immediately after the session at 2:45 I will be signing copies of the book. There will be a second book signing session at the ASTD Book Store on Tuesday at 12:45.

I received a pleasant surprise this past week when my complimentary copies arrived at my office quite unexpectedly. They arrived exactly one year from the date that I signed the contract with AMACOM, the publishing group for American Management Association. The book is co-published by ASTD. After a year of working on the book, I was surprised at how exciting it was to actually have the book in my hands. It was an ambitious project to combine performance consulting and instructional design in one book. I also included information on measurement and evaluation, followed by a chapter how to sustain the strategic change to a results driven process.

The book is based on the Handshaw Instructional Design Model. Our process is based on the work of many thought leaders in the field including but not limited to Walter Dick and Lou Carey, Robert Gagne, Jim and Dana Robinson, Jack and Patti Phillips and even some local experts like Barbara Thornton (former SVP of Human Resources at Krispy Kreme)  and John Gretes (Professor at UNC Charlotte). Although the model is rooted in the work of others, the Handshaw staff continually improved the process through nearly thirty years of practical use, which makes it highly evidence-based. The book includes case studies, client stories and many useful tools for practical application. Above all, it really is easy to read, with lots of white space bulleted lists and helpful graphics.

The book is intended to help you improve your organization and your own career by making instructional design and performance consulting easier to apply in your work situations. I hope it will help inspire you to do great things for yourself and for our profession. A Kindle version is currently available at www.amazon.com, or you can pre-order the paperback version for shipment by May 28th.

If you are going to the ASTD conference in Washington, DC, please stop by the Book Store to purchase your copy of my book and say hello! 


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Posted: April 14

Performance Consulting—A Third Edition by Dana G. and James C. Robinson …and Three New Authors!

At the 2013 ISPI Conference, Dana and Jim Robinson received the Thomas F. Gilbert Distinguished Professional Achievement Award. I had the pleasure of having dinner with them that evening at the conference where we were joined by Jack Phillips. As we were discussing the award and how much the Robinsons enjoyed seeing everyone again since their retirement, Jack suggested that they write a third edition of their Performance Consulting book—and that he and his wife Patti Phillips and I join them as co-authors. Dana and Jim jumped at the idea, and within a short time, Jack had a draft proposal for us to review. Before long, we had a contract with Barrett Koehler, the publisher of the first two editions of Performance Consulting.

The proposed title for the third edition is: “Performance Consulting: An End-to-End Process to Improve, Measure and Sustain Business Results.”  What will make this book significant is that it will combine the work the Robinsons have done in the area of performance consulting with the measurement and evaluation work of the Phillips. There is great synergy in the work of both couples, integrating the front-end consultative process of the Robinsons with the measurement techniques of the Phillips. My role is twofold:  to provide current case studies and examples as well as ensuring the content is congruent with instructional design principles. This is a very exciting role for me to play and I am enjoying every minute of it.  This new edition will be published in the spring of 2015.

The Robinsons most recent book, the second edition of Performance Consulting, appeared in 2008. Jim retired in 2009 and Dana in 2011. Jack and Patti are extremely prolific writers with over 100 titles to their combined credit. I am the newcomer to book writing with my first book, “Training That Delivers Results: Instructional Design that Aligns with Business Goals” which will be released by AMACOM Publishing in May of 2014. 

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